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Globex Zinc Royalty Revenue


The amounts listed below are the monthly royalty payments received by Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. from Nyrstar NV as per Globex’s zinc production royalty on the Mid Tennessee Mines.  The royalty will vary from month to month based upon among other things the zinc price, the number of tonnes mined and processed, the grade of the material processed, the zinc recovery, disruptions caused by equipment breakdowns, maintenance, labor disruptions, power outages, to name a few potential factors. 

The Globex Royalty is also based upon the monthly average zinc price as follows:  zinc price less than US$0.90/lb (no royalty), zinc price between US$0.90/lb and US$1.10/lb - 1% Gross Metal Royalty, zinc price above US$1.10/lb - 1.4% Gross Metal Royalty. 

The monthly payment is adjusted to the changing average monthly zinc price and when exchanged into Canadian currency, the CDN/US exchange rate.

The mine and mill entered production in May of 2017.


Pay Period Payment (US$) Payment (CDN$)
May & June 2017 $150,272 $198,808
July 2017 $96,081 $121,917
August 2017 $91,444 $115,265
September 2017 $93,954 $115,403
October 2017 $101,130 $127,474
November 2017 $124,673 $159,195
December 2017 $133,199 $170,109
January 2018 $168,653 $209,130
February 2018 $133,671 $168,239
March 2018 $135,944 $175,803
April 2018 $165,395 $210,597

Mid-Tennessee Deposit

Mid-Tennessee Deposit - Zinc Royalty

Gordonsville, Tennessee, USA

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