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Courville Property - Gold
Courville Township, Quebec (NTS 32C/06)

Updated  December 2017

Courville claim map 2017

Property & Ownership
Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. owns 100% interest in 31 claims totalling 1,288 ha in Courville and Pascalis Townships, Quebec.  

The claims are approximately 75 km northeast of Val d’Or, Quebec and about 12 km southwest of the town of Senneterre, Quebec. All season gravel roads provide access to the north part of the property.

The following sections have been paraphrased and translated from "Rapport sur une campagne de forage effectuée sur la propriété Courville en février 1996" by André Grigras, May 1996 and from the Quebec MRNF Mineral Deposit Database.

Previous Work
In 1946, Eastville Gold Mines worked the north half of lots 35 to 41 Range III as well as lots 35 to 44 Range II.  While sampling outcrops, they obtained values ranging from trace to 583 gpt Au from an outcrop in the south part of lot 38 Range III, just east of the present claim group.

In 1967, J.R. Beauchemin and A. Béland explored Range III, lots 29 to 36 excavating trenches on lots 33 and 34. 

Labrador Mining and Exploration completed magnetometer and electromagnetic surveys and a 17 hole drill program totalling 1,730 m in 1968.  As a result of this work, two shear zones containing gold bearing quartz veins were discovered in diorite, the North Zone (3) and South Zone (4).  Values of 9.60 gpt Au over 1.21 m and 4.11 gpt Au over 0.58 m were intersected at a depth of 60 m in Zone #3.   Zone #4 (now referred to collectively as the Beauchemin Zone), which outcrops on surface, returned numerous values of between 1 and 2 gpt Au with values up to 5.72 gpt Au over 0.4 m intersected at depth.  Another zone (Zone #5) was also located but values were lower than those encountered in Zones 3 and 4. 

In 1973, the Quebec MRN flew an airborne Questor EM Survey over the area.  This led Albany Oil and Gas to do magnetometer and electromagnetic surveys on the property with a basal till geochemical survey as follow up.

In the 1980's, Parquet Resources and Cache d’Or Resources performed geophysical surveys and did diamond drilling (11 holes) on the same horizon external to the present property and intersected four zones with values ranging from 0.7 to 9.2 g/t Au over 0.3 to 6.1 m.

Also, in 1980, New Beginnings Resources completed a magnetometer survey on part of the present property.

In 1982, Noranda did two drill holes east of Zone 4 and intersected low values over widths up to 4.5 m.

In 1987, Violette and Beaudry stripped Zone 4 and mapped it in detail.

FinNeth Exploration Inc. completed a combined helicopter borne magnetometer, gradiometric and electromagnetic (VLF) survey over the south half of Courville Township, followed in 1988 by Maxmin and VLF surveys on select areas (Finor Exploration).

In 1990, Lixor Mining Development and Billiton Resources did magnetometer, gradiometric and induced polarization surveys in Ranges II and III and followed this work with 12 drill holes.  Values of 8.12 gpt Au over 7.1 m, 12.03 gpt Au over 0.6 m and 8.02 gpt Au over 3 m were intersected.

One year later, in 1991, Placer Dome drilled 17 holes totalling 4,985 m in lots 40 to 44 and lot 46, Range III and the northern half of lots 42, 44 and 46 in Range II.  The best result was 1.99 gpt Au over 19.6 m, including 13.26 gpt Au over 1.3 m, including 5.53 gpt Au over 1 m and 4.24 gpt Au over 0.5 m.

Lastly in 1996,  Ressources Canspar inc. cut 57.2 km of line over the present property as well as lots 34 to 39 inclusive, Range II. This was followed up by 26 km of I.P. surveys and 57.2 km of magnetometer and electromagnetic (Omni-Plus VLF) surveys.  Six drill holes totalling 1,081 metres were completed; the best results included the following:

Hole #

From (m) 

To (m)

Interval (m)

Au (gpt)





















The property is situated in the eastern part of the Archean Abitibi Greenstone Belt and straddles the northern edge of the Pascalis batholith.

The southern portion of the property is underlain by dioritic to granodioritic units while the northern portion is underlain by a complex assemblage of Kinojévis group volcanics injected by numerous felsic and mafic dykes.  Numerous shear zones transect the rock units including the possible eastern extension of the Manneville Fault.

Outcrops in the south half of lots 33 and 34, Range III display a variety of rock types including fine grained gabbros and quartz diorites elongated parallel to the Manneville Fault which are cut by felsic and mafic dykes.

Metamorphism in the area is generally greenschist facies but goes up to amphibolites facies near the edges of the batholith.

Drilling in the north half of the property indicates volcanic sequences are intruded by numerous dykes.

Shear zones varying in width from 30 cm to 25 m and trending east-southeast and northeast are found on the property, many containing auriferous quartz veins.  The various gold showings in the area seem to line up along these trends and Globex’s land package is well positioned.

Economic Considerations

There are numerous areas of interest on the property or nearby.  The showings are directly or indirectly related to the Tiblemont Batholith-Kinojevis Group contact, which is generally marked by the Manneville fault and its associated shear zones:

Beauchemin Showing (lots 33-34, range III)
This showing includes two zones referred to in the literature as zones #3 and #4.  The #3 Zone is made up of quartz veins found in east-southeast trending shear zones cutting diorite phases of the intrusive.  Secondary minerals in the veins include carbonate, epidote and/or chlorite as well as pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite and galena.  In addition to the values mentioned previously, values intersected in drilling included 7.83 gpt Au over 1.52 m including 14.72 gpt Au over 0.61 m. 

Zone #4 is found in a felsic dyke, several dozen metres wide and oriented at 110o which obliquely transects a quartz diorite.  An east-southeast trending shear zone containing auriferous quartz veins with tourmaline, pyrite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite and galena occupies the centre of the dyke.  Individual veins vary from 5 to 60 cm wide and were followed for up to 6 m.

The Parquet Zones A-B and Senneville River-Eastern Extremity showings appear to line up with the  #3 Zone and are located within a dioritic band which is more than 2 km long.  Like the #3 zone those showings are related to quartz veins, the mineralization mainly consists of disseminated pyrite and the Parquet Zones A-B contains rare visible gold.

Less intense shears are also found which contains sulphides.  These shears cut dioritic phases as well as a basic volcanic unit.  Values up to 3.69 gpt Au over 0.67 m and 5.49 gpt Au over 0.40 m were located in addition to the values mentioned previously.

Canspar (lot 33, Range III)
The Canspar showing consists of a quartz-calcite-epidote stockwork with trace to 1% pyrite hosted by a brecciated fine grained microdiorite and a gabbro.  Hole CV-96-03 intersected 1.01 gpt Au over 1 m.  The 3.13 gpt Au over 0.7 m intersection in hole CV-96-04 is also part of that showing (see table above).

Parquet Zone SE (Lac Pascalis-One) (lot 47, Range II)
This showing consists of quartz veins injected parallel to a shear zone that likely belongs to the Manneville Fault.  The veins are 1 to 50 cm wide and occasionally contain visible gold.  The host rock consists of altered, schistose basalt-andesite injected with 1 to 2 m wide granitic dykes and pyrite is the dominant sulphide (1-2%) with local chalcopyrite.  The best historical drill intersections were reported as 123.41 gpt Au over 0.3 m and 33.59 gpt Au over 0.3 m. 

Parquet Zone H (lot 42, Range II)
This Parquet Zone H showing is made up of mineralized quartz veins hosted by a diorite and by felsic dykes.  The host rock is locally sheared and the veins contain chlorite, pyrite and local chalcopyrite, pyrrhotite and visible gold.  The best historical intersections were 6.17 gpt Au over 1 m and 37.03 gpt Au over 3 m.

Swanson (Parquet) (lot 42, Range II)
The Swanson (Parquet) showing is located at the edge of the Tiblemont batholith.  The mineralization consists mainly of fine disseminated pyrite (up to 10%) with local chalcopyrite and rare visible gold in quartz-calcite-tourmaline veins.  The veins are hosted in granodiorite sills and basaltic units and within the Manneville deformation corridor.  Historical drilling has intersected up to 13.26 gpt Au over 1.3 m associated to this showing.

Numerous gold showings have been located on the property, either on surface or in drill holes.  All of these showings are associated with the contact between the Tiblemont Batholith-Kinojevis Group contact and the Manneville Fault.  More drilling is needed along this corridor to expand the known gold zones and explore for new ones. The Globex land package is well positioned to do this.      

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