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Partners - Options, Royalties and Joint Ventures

Project Name
Option, Royalty, JV

Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd. (50%) Pandora Wood – Central Cadillac Gold Joint Venture
Agregat R-N Inc. Lyndhurst Copper, Zinc Joint Venture (Partial)
Altai Resources Inc. (50%) Blackcliff Gold Deposit Gold Joint Venture
Canadian Malartic Corporation East Amphi/Fourax Gold Royalty
Chalice Gold Mines (Quebec) Inc. Nordeau East and West Gold Option
Chibougamau Independent Mines Inc.

Chibougamau Mining Camp

Bateman Bay, Baie Malouf, Berrigan Mine, Berrigan South, Copper Cliff Extension, Grandroy, Kokko Creek, Lac Chibougamau, Lac Antoinette, Lac Élaine, Mont Sorcier, Quebec Chibougamau GoldFields, Lac Simon, Virginia Option

Copper, Gold, Iron, Molybdenum, Silver, Zinc Royalty
Eldorado Gold Corporation Farquharson Gold Royalty
EnerSpar Corp. Feldspar Property Feldspar Royalty
Eros Resource Corp. Bell Mountain, USA Gold, Silver Royalty
Excellon Resources Inc. Bräunsdorf Licence Silver, Zinc, Copper, Lead Option
Exploration Carat inc. Disson Gold Royalty
Falco Resources Ltd. Donalda Mine Property Gold Royalty
Galway Metals Inc.

Montgolfier Property

Tower Hill, New Brunswick

Gold Royalty
Great Thunder Gold Corp.

Chubb Lithium

Bouvier Lithium

Lithium Royalty
Iledor Exploration Corp. Tiblemont Island Gold Royalty
Khalkos Explorations Inc. Deane Cadillac Gold Royalty
Lamothe, Gilbert Fecteau Lake Property Gold, Copper, Zinc Royalty
Manganese X Energy Corp. Houlton Woodstock Manganese Royalty
Merrex Gold Inc. (25%) Fontana Gold Mine Gold Joint Venture
Midatlantic Minerals Inc.

Ha!Ha! Property

Silica Royalty
Midland Exploration Inc. Penarroya Gold, Copper Royalty
Nippons Dragon Resources Inc. Russian Kid Gold Mine Gold Royalty
NSGold Corporation Mooseland Gold Royalty
Nurcapital Cor. Lac Savignac Diamond Option
Nyrstar NV Mid Tenneesse Zinc Mine Zinc Royalty
Opawica Explorations Inc. Beauchastel Cadillac Fault Gold Royalty
Osisko Mining Inc. Certac Project Copper, Gold Royalty
Probe Metals Inc. Massicotte Property Gold Royalty
Quebec Precious Metals Corp. Marbridge South Nickel, Platinum, Palladium, Copper, Rhodium Royalty
Radisson Mining Resources Inc. Kewagama Gold Mine Gold Royalty
Renforth Resources Inc.

Parbec Deposit

Matchi Manitou

New Alger





Rogue Resources Inc. Silicon Ridge (St-Urbain) Silica Royalty
Sayona Mining Ltd. Authier Zone Lithium Royalty
ScoZinc Mining Ltd. Getty Deposit Zinc, Lead Royalty
Tres‐Or Resources Ltd/ Kiboko

Duvay A / B / C

Fontana Gold Mine






Tres-Or Resources Ltd./ Kiboko Duverny Range 7 Property Gold Royalty

Tres-Or Resources Ltd/


Chenier Property Gold Royalty
T-Rex (Services géologiques) inc. Côté Nickel, Copper Royalty
Typhoon Exploration Inc. Fayolle Deposit Gold Royalty
Vantex Resources Ltd. Bousquet Property Gold Royalty

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