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Globex Investor Presentation

Globex Investor Presentation

Globex Investor Presentation

April 2024 (English)









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The following PowerPoint presentations are those given by the Company as of the dates indicated. They represent publicly available and disclosed information as well as management's thoughts and understandings at a point in time and are not intended to provide information that is up to date other than at the date indicated.  They will be replaced from time to time with more current presentations as they become available. In some cases information presented may not be up to date with technical data contained in newly released NI 43-101 Technical Reports, financial reports or in widely distributed press releases made available after the presentation was made. Please bear in mind that a PowerPoint is only made up of talking points and on its own, without the accompanying verbal presentation, may not adequately or precisely  transmit the context or meaning of the complete graphic and verbal presentation.

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