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Globex Properties - by Type of Metals

GLOBEX seeks to create shareholder value by acquiring mineral properties, enhancing them and either exploring, optioning or joint venturing them, developing them to production, or in some cases selling projects outright.


Precious Metals

Gold • Silver
Platinum • Palladium

Anctil Lake - Gold

Adanac - Gold

Beacon #1 - Gold 

Beauchastel Cadillac Fault Property - Gold Royalty
Bell Mountain Mine - Gold Royalty
Berrigan South - Gold Royalty 

Black Dog South - Gold
Blackcliff Deposit - Gold JV 

Bousquet Project - Gold Royalty

Braünsdorf Licence - Silver, Zinc, Copper, Lead (Germany)

Cameron - Gold

Chenier Property - Gold Royalty

Clericy - Gold
Courville Property - Gold

Depletion - Gold

Discoflo - Gold 

Discovery North - Gold

Deane Cadillac - Gold Royalty

Devils Pike - Gold
Disson - Gold Royalty 
Donalda Mine Property - Gold 
Duquesne West Property - Gold
Duvay Zone Project (3 properties) - Gold Option

Duverny Range 7 Property- Gold Royalty

Duverny Range 10 Property - Gold 

Eagle Mine - Gold 

Eagle Northwest - Gold
East Amphi/Fourax - Gold Royalty 
Eau Jaune Lake Property - Gold 

Farquharson - Gold Royalty
Fayolle - Gold Royalty 
Fontana - Gold Option 
Fox West - Gold

Francoeur/Arntfield Mines - Gold

Freegold - Gold

Gagné - Gold

Hard Rock - Gold  
Hurricane Point and North Star - Gold

Kewagama Gold Mine - Gold Royalty  

Lac Simon Property - Gold Royalty
Laguerre-Knutson-Raven River Mines - Gold

Ludger - Gold

MacKinnon Property - Gold  

Massicotte - Gold Royalty

Matchi-Manitou - Gold

Maude Lake (Ramp Mine) - Gold 

Mina Lake - Gold, Copper

Montalembert - Gold 

Montgolfier - Gold Royalty

Mooseland Mine - Gold Royalty

Napping Dwarf - Gold

New Alger - Gold Royalty

Nordeau Project - Gold, Iron  Option 
Osisko East - Gold 
Pacaud - Gold 
Pandora Wood & Central Cadillac Mines - Gold JV 
Parbec Deposit - Gold Option

Pennaroya - Gold, Copper

Pyrox - Platinum, Palladium, Copper, Nickel, Chromite

Randall Mine - Gold

Rousseau Property - Gold 

Ruisseau Marriott - Gold, Copper, Zinc
Russian Kid Deposit - Gold Royalty 

Santa Anna Deposit - Gold

Silidor Mine - Gold
Shortt Lake Mine - Gold, Rare Earths 
Sigma East - Gold 

Silver Tower - Gold
Soisson - Gold 
Standard Zone - Gold Royalty 
Tarmac Project - Gold 
Tiblemont Island - Gold Royalty 

Tower Hill - Gold Royalty

Tung Property  - Gold
Turgeon Lake - Gold
Tut Zone - Gold Royalty
Venus Zone - Gold
Victoria West Property - Gold 
Vulcan Mountain Deposit - Pt, Pd, Au

Windfall - Gold

Windfall East - Gold
Wrightbar Mine - Gold

Base Metals

Copper • Zinc • Lead

Baie Malouf - Gold, copper Royalty  

Bateman Bay - Gold, Copper Royalty   
Beauchastel-Rouyn Property - Polymetallic 
Berrigan Mine - Gold, Silver, Zinc Royalty   
Bilson Cubric - Nickel-PGE Project - Ni, Pt, Pd, Rh, Cu

Canal Project - Copper, Zinc, Gold  

Certac Project - Copper, Gold

Cheticamp North - Copper, Zinc, Lead
Colnet Lake - Gold, Copper, Zinc 
Copper Cliff Extension - Gold, Copper Royalty 

Côté - Gold, Copper, Nickel Royalty

Dalhousie - Copper, Nickel

Duvan Zone - Copper
Fecteau Lake - Gold, Copper, Zinc Royalty   
Fontbonne Lake - Copper, Zinc

Geoffroy - Zinc   
Getty Deposit - Lead, Zinc Royalty

Great Plains, - Copper, Zinc
Grandroy - Gold, Copper, Molybdenum Royalty 
Guyenne Project - Gold, Copper, Zinc 

Hunter East - Copper, Silver, Zinc
Joutel Mine Property - Copper 

Kelly Lake - Copper, Nickel, Pt, Pd, Co, Rh
Kokko Creek - Gold, Copper Royalty

Lac Antoinette - Polymetallic Royalty  

Lac Chibougamau (incl. S-3 & Tommy) - Gold, Copper Royalty

Lac Elaine - Polymetallic Royalty  

Lac Suzanne Nord - Nickel

Lyndhurst Mine - Partial JV on Mining Concession - Polymetallic JV  
Magusi River and Fabie Bay Mines - Polymetallic Option

Marbridge South - Ni, Pt, Pd, Rh, Cu  Option

Massif du Nord - Polymetallic
Mid-Tennessee Deposit - Zinc Royalty
Normetal/Normetmar - Polymetallic 

Noyon Project - Copper, Zinc
Pegma Property - Copper, Nickel, Zinc
Poirier Mine - Polymetallic 
Quebec Chibougamau Goldfields Mines - Au, Ag, Cu Royalty  
Ralleau Project - Polymetallic   
Raymor - Gold, Zinc Royalty 
Rich Lake - Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver 

Rosario - Copper, Gold, Silver, Zinc
Sheen Lake - Platinum, Palladium, Nickel 
Smith-Zulapa / Vianor - Au, Cu, Ni, Pt, Pd   
Suffield Mine - Au, Ag, Cu, Zn, Pb Option

Tiblemont-Tavernier Property - Gold, Polymetallic
Tonnancour Project - Polymetallic 

Trinity - Copper, Zinc
Vauze Mine - Polymetallic 

Viking Lake - Zinc

Virginia Option- Copper  Royalty 

Wachigabau - Copper, Gold

Wawagosic - Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver

Specialty Metals

Rare Earths • Iron
Manganese Silica

Magnesite • Talc
Molybdenum • Uranium
• Lithium• Hafnium • Beryl

Cerium • Zirconium


Yttrium • Niobium • Feldspar •  Antimony • Bismuth• Mica• Pyrophyllite • Graphite


Authier - Lithium Royalty

Battery Hill (Houlton Woodstock Zone) - Manganese Royalty

Bouvier - Lithium Royalty

Carpentier - Pyrophyllite, Gold

Crater Lake SE - Rare Earth, Niobium, Scandium

Chubb - Lithium Royalty

Duval - Lithium
Feldspar Project - Feldspar Royalty

Figuery - Lithium

Gayhurst Deposit - Molybdenum

Guinecourt Lake - Graphite

Ha!Ha Property - Silica Royalty
Hematite Lake Deposit - Iron 
Hunters Point - Uranium, Gold, REE Showings

La Motte Lake - Lithium

Lac Savignac - Diamonds

McNeely - Lithium

Moly Hill - Molybdenum, Bismuth

Mont Sorcier - Fe, Au, Zn, Cu, Royalty   

New Richmond - Antimony, Gold

Ontario Lake - Vanadium, Titanium Dioxide, Iron

Point Comfort - Kaolinite 

Preissac Moly - Molybdenum

Sayona East - Lithium

Sayona North - Lithium

Sayona West- Lithium Royalty

Silica 22F03 Quebec Royalty

Silicon Ridge (St-Urbain) - Silica Royalty

Suzor Deposit - Mica

TTM - Timmins Talc-Magnesite Deposit   
Turner Falls Property - REE



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