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Globex Properties - North America

GLOBEX seeks to create shareholder value by acquiring mineral properties, enhancing them and either exploring, optioning or joint venturing them, developing them to production, or in some cases selling projects outright.

Our property information is currently being updated. Contact us at any time for details on any of our properties.

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Non-Abitibi Property Listing
(Properties outside the Ontario/ Quebec Abitibi Region)

Cheticamp North - Copper, Zinc, Lead
Crater Lake SE - Rare Earth, Niobium, Scandium
Devils Pike Property - Gold
Gayhurst Deposit - Molybdenum
Glassville - Manganese
Guigues Diamond - Diamond
Guinecourt Lake - Graphite
H1-H2 - Diamond
Hunters Point - Uranium, Gold, REE Showings
Hurricane Point and North Star - Gold
Lac Brennan - Rare Earth
Lac Lafortune - Palladium
Lac Savignac - Diamond
Lac Suzanne Nord - Nickel
Lac Trompeur - Silica
MacKinnon Property - Gold
Massif du Nord - Polymetallic
New Richmond - Antimony, Gold
Ontario Lake - Titanium Dioxide, Iron, Vanadium
Orbite Alumina - Aluminium
Panet - Gold
Pegma Property - Copper, Nickel, Zinc
Point Comfort - Kaolinite
Rivière Opinaca - Gold, Copper
Sheen Lake - Platinum, Palladium, Nickel
Suffield Mine - Au, Ag, Cu, Zn, Pb
Suzor Deposit - Mica
Turner Falls Property - REE
Tyrone - Gold,Copper
Viking Lake - Zinc
Vulcan Mountain Deposit - Pt, Pd, Au


Bräunsdorf Licence - Silver, Zinc, Copper, Lead Optioned


Battery Hill (Houlton Woodstock Zone) - Manganese Royalty
Bell Mountain Mine - Gold Royalty
Boulder Gold - Gold Royalty
Boulder Lake - Zinc Royalty
Claudette Zone - Copper Royalty
Feldspar Project - Feldspar Royalty
Getty Deposit - Lead, Zinc Royalty
Ha!Ha! Property - Silica Royalty
Lac Chix - Gold Royalty
Lac De Maurès Est - Copper Royalty
Lac Testard Ouest - Gold Royalty
Mid-Tennessee Deposit - Zinc Royalty
Mooseland Mine - Gold Royalty
Pyrox - Platinum, Palladium, Copper, Nickel, Chromite Royalty
Rosario Property - Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc Royalty
Silica 22F03 Quebec Royalty
Silicon Ridge (St-Urbain) - Silica Royalty
Tower Hill - Gold Royalty


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