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Eau Jaune Lake Property - Gold
Rale Township, Quebec (32G/10)

Updated December 2017

The Eau Jaune Lake Property is located in Rale - Brongniart Townships, in the Chibougamau district of Northern Quebec.  The property consists of  16 claims totalling  892 hectare and is 100% owned by Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.  The property hosts a northern extension of Monster Lake shear zone and has several untested IP anomalies.  The Monster Lake property itself, is located just 2.5km south and has spectacular intersections of gold that are as high as 237.60 g/t Au over 5.70m (M12-60) and 101.20 g/t Au over 4.5m (M25-11).

In February 2014, Globex drilled 2 holes to test I.P anomalies.  Hole LEJ-14-01 returned 0.685 g/t Au over 1.5m in a Feldspar Porphyry dyke, 0.104 g/t Au and 0.49% Cu over 2.4m in a contact between a mineralized laminated chert and a mafic silicified and mineralized flow.  At the same time an I.P survey was executed generating 9 new targets.

Property & Ownership
The Eau Jaune Lake property is owned 100% by Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. The property consists of 16 claims, 14 claims in Rale Township and 2 claims in Brongniart Township in the James Bay region totalling 892 hectare.

The middle of the property is located approximately 20km south east of Chapais, James Bay, Quebec.  Forestry roads provide access to the property.

Previous Work
In 1936, Noranda and McKay discovered a copper and nickel showing on an island on the Eau Jaune Lake property.  One trench returned 1.29% Cu and 0.11% Ni and grab samples returned 1.37% Cu; 0.28% Ni and 2.20% Cu; 0.01% Ni. After this discovery more work (drilling and geophysical survey) were done in the area.

In 1949, the Noranda drill program of Noranda intercepted a sulphide mineralization ranging from disseminated to massive pyrrhotite and pyrite with chalcopyrite and sphalerite. The semi-massive and massive horizons can go up to 2.25m.

The most important part of the exploration was done during the 1970's after the publication by the government of the first airborne INPUT survey, which indicated a lot of targets in the region. Drilling and geophysical ground surveys were executed to test and explain the INPUT anomalies. 

Drills holes carried out between 1978 and 1988 by UMEX, S.E.R.E.M Limited and Lacana Mining Corporation intersected felsic to intermediate tuff with levels of shale and chert. The tuff unit containeda mineralized zone in pyrrhotite (5 to 30%), pyrite (2 to 15%), chalcopyrite (tr. to 10%) and sphalerite (nil to 5%) over 0.3 to 4.0m. Some anomalous low values in copper and zinc were returned. The best results are 0.14% Cu over 1.2m (80-SA-1) and 0.24% Cu over 0.44m (80-SA-7), 0.20% Zn over 0.73m (80-SA-3) and 0.39% Zn; 0.21%Cu over 0.13m (EJ1).

Globex work
In 2013 the property was composed of 9 claims.  In February 2013, G L Geoservices and Remy Bélanger Géophysique executed a magnetic, electromagnetic and an induced polarised (I.P) survey for Globex.  During the summer, sampling and mapping were done.  In the fall of 2013, Globex extended the property to the north with 17 claims.

In February 2014, Globex drilled 2 holes totalling 804m to test I.P anomalies.  The hole LEJ-14-01 returned 0.685 g/t Au over 1.5m in a Feldspar Porphyry dyke, 0.104 g/t Au and 0.49% Cu over 2.4m in a contact between a mineralized laminated chert and a mafic silicified and mineralized flow.  At the same time, Remy Bélanger Géophysique executed I.P survey for Globex north of the 2013 survey on the new claims.  The I.P survey generated 9 anomalous zones (targets).

In July and September 2014, mapping and sampling was done to verify the anomalous zone in the field.  A horizon localized close to an anomalous I.P returned grab samples of 650 ppm Cu and 1,325 ppm Zn on silicified mafic flow and felsic tuff.



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