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Globex Properties

Noyon Project - Copper, Zinc
Noyon Township, Quebec (NTS 32F/05)

Updated Map December 2016

Property Description and Location
The Noyon property consists of 6 claims totalling 336 Ha in Noyon Township. It is located 30 km south of Matagami and is accessible from the 109 highway and a series of bush road. Globex owns 100% interest in the property.

Noyon property - 2016

Geological Setting
The property lays within the Vanier-Dalet-Poirier Group consisting of intermediate to mafic volcanic rocks as well as some ultramafic rocks and interflow sediments. Three isolated moderate Input conductors are located in the center of the property along a mag high anomaly. Regional geological mapping and geophysics in the area suggest the potential for shear-hosted gold and peridotite/komatiite-hosted Ni-Cu deposits.

Noyon geology

Noyon Gradient


Noyon mag map

Exploration and Development
In 1988, Monicor Exploration undertook a soil sampling program incorporating the Globex property which identified a number of polymetallic anomalies of Zn, Cr, Cu, Th, Fe and Au, none of which were located on Globex claims.  It was noted however, that some of the largest groups of anomalies occurred on strike, east and west of the geophysical anomalies identified on the Globex property.

A compilation report by Cambior Inc. published in 2003 provides a regional overview of the gold mineralizing structures, and identifies the major regional structure as being 100°E with a 70-75° south dip.  This report includes airborne magnetic and EM maps which show the E-W striking linear magnetic anomaly approximately 1. 5km long with three moderate INPUT anomalies located inside the Globex property.

Based on reports filed with SIGEOM, nearby properties have returned favorable gold and base metal assays in sheared basalts and komatiites which may be responsible for the pronounced geophysical anomalies on Globex claims.  Assessment reports for neighbor properties describe sheared, graphitic and often carbonated mafic and komatiitic rocks as being fertile gold-bearing targets in the region. 

A property visit during the summer2013 failed to map any outcrops. In September 2013, ground geophysical investigations, consisting namely in Total field Magnetometer and Horizontal-Loop E.M. (MaxMin-I) surveys, were carried out over a portion of the Noyon property for Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. The mag anomaly was outlined by the Magnetometer survey but the E.M. survey failed to identify any conductors, no significant bedrock were therefore detected on this grid, within the search capability of this EM configuration.

One drill hole has been proposed to test one of the Input conductors.  

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