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Montalembert Property - Gold
Montalembert Township, Quebec (NTS 32F/16)

Updated June 2020

Project Description and Location
 In 2015, Globex acquired 100% interest by staking in the Montalembert high grade gold property located approximately 10 km northwest of the Cree Village of Waswanipi, Quebec in Montalembert township.  The property consists of 134 cells totalling 7,396 hectares. 

Historic Exploration
Gold was discovered on the property in 1949 by N.A. Timmins.  Prospecting followed by trenching and limited diamond drilling located four quartz veins (Galena, Number 1, Number 2 and Rabbit veins) of varying widths up to 1.5 m and with strike lengths of 90 m to 365 m, within multiple north⅕Rsouth shears observed along a corridor 1,280 m long and 183 m wide.

Sampling of the Galena quartz vein returned 17.2 gpt Au over a 61 m sample length and an average width of 0.75 m.  Gold was reported as coarse free gold principally within the quartz veins but also within the enclosing rocks.  A drill hole located 105 m to the southwest of the trenched area returned values of up to 61.3 gpt Au over a true width of 1.2 m and 19 gpt Au over 0.6 m.

In 1973, a grubstake syndicate stripped and cleared the Galena, Rabbit and Number 2 veins.  The property was then acquired by Rochelom Mines Ltd., which undertook a detailed trenching and analysis of the Galena vein system over a near continuous strike length of 123 m, an average sample width of 0.65 m and to a depth of 0.6 m.  Seventy eight samples collected from fine blast material over continuous 1.5 m lengths and two 2.3 m lengths weighing approximately 3.6 kg each were reported to have returned an average of 20.8 gpt Au (28.9 gpt Au uncut).



Montalembert Trench Map December 2015

Rejects from the 80 samples were combined into seven samples weighing 345 kg, bagged and sent to the Quebec government assay lab as an outside check due to the high grade nature of the mineralization.  The government assay lab average for the combined sample assays returned 18.4 gpt Au, confirming previous samples.

Subsequently, a five ton bulk sample of vein material representing different lengths along the Galena quartz vein was grouped into bags with each lot being weighed, crushed, ground and split.  The calculated average of the bulk samples excluding sample L⅕R6 at the north end of the trench gave 11.5 gpt Au over a sample length of 108 m and average width of 0.65 m. 

Based upon the assay results, a decline was proposed to follow and sample the Galena vein for a length of 170 m along with a 78 m cross cut to the Number 2 vein to be followed by 210 m of additional drifting north and south along the Number 2 vein.  It was noted that the cross cut would intersect the Rabbit vein affording additional sampling of this structure.  The decline was never started and there is no record of additional work on the gold zones since the trench sampling in 1973, some 42 years ago.  Although 210 m of drifting was proposed along Number 2 vein, there is no record of surface assays from this vein although a report references free gold.

Properties with occurrences of coarse free gold are particularly difficult to explore.  While gold may be present in significant quantities, it is difficult to assess the quantity or grade by grab sampling, channel sampling or even diamond drilling.  Large volume sampling such as that undertaken by Rochelom Mines Ltd. in 1973 is required.

Exploration and Development
In 2015, preliminary exploration by Globex included line cutting, mapping, prospecting, rock sampling and a magnetic survey.  Globex cut a 46 line km grid on the property, performed a detailed magnetometer survey and a grid geological survey.  During the exploration, all old trenches were located and found to be extensively overgrown.  Samples of either loose or in-place country rock taken where exposed have been assayed and, for the most part, returned anomalous gold values.  One outcrop exposure north of the Galena vein returned 33.5 gpt Au in a grab sample from sheared and altered rock which contained up to 4% fine disseminated pyrite and no quartz veining.

The areas of the Galena and Number 2 veins as well as two areas across the veins’ strike were stripped before freezing conditions prevented power washing, channel sampling or detailed mapping of the vein structures could be completed. 

Assays of 84.0 gpt Au, 64.5 gpt Au, 36.3 gpt Au and 17.3 gpt Au as well as other anomalous values have been received to date.  Work has expanded the area of known gold mineralization on the property as previous historic data only provided gold assays on the Galena Vein.

Early in 2016, Globex intends to complete power washing the stripped areas and undertake large scale sampling of the veins as is appropriate when dealing with free gold.  Further mapping to understand the Rochelom vein system and potential extensions will also be completed.

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