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Smith-Zulapa / Vianor - Au, Cu, Ni, Pt, Pd
Tiblemont & Senneterre Townships, Quebec (NTS 32C/03, 32C/06)

Updated June 2021

Property Description and Location
The Smith-Zulapa Property consists of a contiguous group of 67 claims totaling 3,841 ha located along the northern border of Tiblemont Township, 12 km south of the town of Senneterre and 42 km north of the city of Val d’Or.  Access to the property is from Senneterre via the paved Croinor Mine road, which follows the eastern shore of the Bell River.  The property is wholly owned by Globex and is not subject to any underlying royalties or option/joint venture agreements.

The Jacob Smith gold showing near the western extremity of the property was discovered by prospecting in 1933 where it is reported a best grab sample in a chalcopyrite bearing quartz vein within a granodiorite returned an assay 22.6 gpt Au.  In 1936, the company Smith–Tiblemont Mines Ltd., sank a 53 m shaft in the immediate area of the gold showing and developed 155 m of drifting at a depth of 46 m.  Abundant surface trenching was completed in the early 1940’s where a best assay from the #1 Vein is reported to have returned 22 gpt Au/7.0 m with other assays more commonly returning 1 gpt to 3 gpt Au over 0.5 m to 1 m intervals.  The grade of underground sampling is reported to have averaged approx. 7.9 gpt Au over an average width of 0.77 m.

The reader is referred to Globex’s 2013 Annual Information Form (AIF) filed on SEDAR ( and on Globex’s website ( for more details concerning the history of exploration work on the Smith-Zulapa property for the period from 1959 to 2000.

Geological Setting and Mineralization
The property lies 1.5 km northeast of the northwest trending flank of the Tiblemont-Pascalis Batholith, a large multi-phased granodiorite intrusive complex which underlies much of Lake Tiblemont and the adjoining Pascalis township to the west.  The northeast margin of the Tiblemont-Pascalis Batholith coincides with a regional deformation structure referred to as the Uniacke Deformation Corridor. 

The gold mineralization is directly associated with a west-northwest trending chloritic shear zone developed along and within the south contact of the Smith-Tiblemont Granodiorite stock and has been traced by historic drilling for a strike length of about 2 km.  The complex intrudes a thick sequence of northwest trending, steeply dipping mafic flows with minor felsic volcanics and local gabbro to ultramafic sills.  The granodiorite complex shows local compositional variation with coarser grained, more leucocratic (quartz-/feldspar-rich) facies which may display chloritic/sericitic alteration in its groundmass and zones of weakly disseminated magmatic sulphides (pyrrhotite, pentlandite, pyrite and chalcopyrite) and occasional local concentrations of semi-massive sulphide stringers as characterized in the Zulapa Cu-Ni mineral occurrence.  In contrast, the quartz lode gold mineralization within the chloritic shear structure on the south flank of the central granodiorite stock is associated with weakly pyritic centimetre wide white to clear quartz veinlets and less commonly with centimetre wide pyritic wallrock halos to these same veinlets.  Both shear and dilation type veinlets are recognized within the shear structure.

Exploration and Development
In January 2007, Globex commissioned a 265 line km heliborne AEM survey at 100 m line spacing over the entire property.  In this same year, GMX contracted consultants InnovExplo inc. of Val d’Or to compile and interpret the historic drill data available on the property.  In January 2008, Globex completed 45 line km of line cutting and magnetometer survey, 13.5 line km of MaxMin electromagnetic survey and 6.0 line km of Dipole-Dipole IP survey over the Zulapa Cu-Ni Zone in efforts to guide drill exploration.  A drill program consisting of two angled drill holes approximately 50 m apart (totaling 604 m) targeting coincident weak HEM conductor and IP responses found disseminated, stringer and occasionally semi-massive pyrrhotite (+/- pentlandite, local chalcopyrite and minor pyrite) in weakly altered and sheared leucocratic granodiorite and lesser melanocratic granodiorite.  Best intercepts included; 0.36% Ni, 0.25% Cu; 0.2 gpt (Pd+Pt+ Au)/6.47 m (hole GZ-08-01); and 0.25% Ni, 0.27% Cu/9.26 m (hole GZ-08-02).

In 2013, Globex proceeded to carry out a 50 m spaced drill program comprised of four (4) drill holes totaling 1,398 m to test a 175 m strike length of the Smith Gold Zone at previously untested vertical depths of between 150 m to 300 m within the mineralized shear zone in the Smith-Tiblemont Granodiorite Complex.  The drill program sought to investigate for enhanced widths and grades at depth below the shallow portion of the gold zone characterized by generally narrow (< 1.5 m) widths.  Results from the 2013 drill program were modest but sufficiently encouraging to give consideration to further drilling in 2014.  Best assay results included 2.88 gpt Au/1.5 m, 3.67 gpt Au/1.0 m, 1.82 gpt Au/1.0 m (hole SZ-13-01); 2.37 gpt Au/1.5 m at a vertical depth of 300 m (hole SZ-13-03) and 4.94 gpt Au/3.20 m at a vertical depth of 130 m (hole SZ-13-04).  The latter intercept, the widest and best grade gold value from the 2013 program is located on the northwestern end of the Smith Gold Zone and remains fully open along strike to the west and at depth below 130 m.

A four hole 645 m drill program to test the lateral extension of the Smith–Zulapa mineralization was completed in 2014.  The best results were intersected in hole SZ-14-03 (1.68 gpt Au/1.5 m) and in hole SZ-14-04 (5.97 gpt Au/1.5 m).  The shear zones show lateral continuity to the west in the granodiorite host rock but the mineralization in these structures returned lower grades than nearby historical values. 

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