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Bilson Cubric - Nickel-PGE Project - Ni, Pt, Pd, Rh, Cu Royalty
La Motte Township, Quebec (32 D/08)

Updated August, 2015

The Bilson Cubric Nickel-PGE Project consists of 15 claims in La Motte Township, Quebec totalling 613 ha.

The property is owned 100% by Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.  

bilson cubric august 2015

Lamotte geological map Globex  property

The Bilson-Cubric property has seen sporadic mineral exploration since 1957 when a nickel showing was discovered at surface 411 m north and 38 m west of the southeastern corner of lot 20, range IV.  This discovery occurred shortly after the discovery of the Marbridge Nickel Deposit (historical production of 703,027 tonnes grading 2.28% Ni for a total of 12,000 tonnes Ni and 543 tonnes Cu), some 3 km along strike to the northwest.  Continental Mining Company soon optioned the property and conducted trenching and stripping over the showing area along with magnetometer, electromagnetic and resistivity surveys.  Thirteen short diamond drill holes, totalling 87 m, were completed and a small surface nickel zone was outlined.

Bilson Quebec Mining Company optioned the ground in 1959 and implemented a varied exploration program. In 1967, Falconbridge Mining became a joint venture partner with Bilson and extensive ground work was undertaken.  Drilling on the property during this period consisted of 56 holes totalling 5,116 m.

In 1979, Falconbridge Mining conducted an I.P. survey over a large property which encompassed some of the present La Motte property.  Several companies and/or individuals held the property during the following years, but only limited work (consisting predominantly of compilations) was performed in an attempt to increase the understanding of the Bilson-Cubric Zone (±200,000t grading 0.85% Ni, historical and non NI-43101 compliant).

A magnetic survey was undertaken in January 1996 on lot 20 in the area of the known economic type sulphides.

In 2000 Globex and its former partner Aurogin Resources flew a detailed Aerotem Survey (EM & MAG) over the property and carried out detailed prospecting and beep mat surveys over anomalous areas.  Globex also stripped the Bilson-Cubric showing and mapped and channel sampled the exposed sulphides.  Assays up to 4.15% nickel and 1.15% copper over 3.39 metres were encountered with anomalous platinum and palladium values from remobilised mineralization.  Previous sampling of loose mineralized rock from previous blasting of trenches returned up to 4.6% nickel and up to 1.5 grams of combined platinum, palladium and rhodium as well as up to 0.96% cobalt.  In early 2001 one follow-up hole was drilled on lot 20 in the area of the nickel zone.

The Bilson-Cubric property is located within the Southern Volcanic Zone (SVZ) of the Abitibi sub-province: an Archean greenstone belt, which hosts some of the richest mineral deposits of the Superior Province.  The property lies within the Malartic Group, which constitutes the eastern portion of the SVZ in the province of Quebec (Dimroth and al., 1982).

The Malartic Group is a volcano-sedimentary assemblage characterised by the predominance of komatitic and tholeiitic lava flows. It covers an area of about 2,300 km square from just north of the town of Val D’Or up to the Destor-Porcupine Tectonic Zone.  The Malartic Group is divided in three formations which are from bottom to top: (1) the Lamotte-Vassan Formation, (2) the Dubuisson Formation, and (3) the Jacola Formation (Champagne and al., 2002).  This volcano-sedimentary assemblage is crosscut by pre to post-tectonic plutons and by Ne-SW Proterozoic dykes (Desrochers et al., 1996).

The Bilson-Cubric project is underlain by rocks of the Lamotte-Vassan Formation (LVF).  The LVF consists largely of komatiites with lesser intercalated basalts and minor undifferentiated metasediments.  This largely ultramafic sequence is intruded by the La Motte, Preissac and Lacorne Batholiths; respectively of monzogranitic, granitic and granodioritic compositions.  The LVF and granitoid plustons are crosscut by Proterozoic diabase dykes.

The principal structure of the region is the Lamotte Anticline (Imreh, 1984) an overturned fold inclined to the south.

The information above was transcribed from a report by Isabelle D’Amours, 2009.

The property hosts the Bilson-Cubric showing.  The showing consists of ultramafic sulphide mineralization, namely pyrite, pyrrhotite, pentlandite, chalcopyrite and magnetite.  The mineralization is contained within a massive, semi-massive and disseminated zone and within shear zones, all of which trend north-south.

Recent Work
Between 2007 and 2008 Bull’s Eye exploration drilled 10 holes totalling 366 m on the property as part of an option agreement with Globex.  This drilling was aimed at duplicating some of the old drilling carried out by Falconbridge.  The geology correlated fairly well with the historical drilling and intersected zones of massive to semi-massive sulphides.  The best results included 0.35% Ni over 3.05 m and 0.40% Ni over 0.73 m. 

Bull’s Eye also further stripped the Bilson-Cubric showing and dug a 50 m trench.  This work revealed a zone of semi-massive to massive sulphides starting at the junction of two shear zones.  A loose block found in the trenching rubble assayed 7.99% Ni.

Later in 2008 Diagnos Inc. used its CARDS (Computer Aided Resource Detection System) to generate a Ni and Cu exploration model for the Bilson- Cubric property.  The system identified a target on the current property which has yet to be investigated. 

Further exploration work is required on the Bilson-Cubric property, namely further drilling seen as the 2007-2008 drilling was only designed to reproduce old drilling and does not appear to have intersected extensions of the more promising mineralization at surface.

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