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Normetal/Normetmar - Polymetallic Royalty
Desmeloizes, Perron Townships, Quebec (NTS 32D/14 and 32E/03)

Updated September 2018

The property is made up of 40 claims totalling  1,324 ha, in Desmeloizes and Perron  Townships, Quebec.

claim map 2017 Normetal_Normetmar


Normetal-Normetmar 2017 Geology


The Normetal/Normetmar claims were acquIred between 2002 and 2017.  The mine properties are 100% owned by Globex Mining Enterprises Inc..

History - Normetal Mine
The property includes the past producing Normetal Mine, which operated periodcally from 1926 to 1929, from 1931 to 1933 and again from 1937 to 1975.  The mine produced over 10.1 Mt grading 2.15% Cu, 5.12% Zn, 0.549 gpt Au and 45.25 gpt Ag and was developed to a depth of 2.7 km.

In terms of exploration history, the Normetal horizon has been explored and drilled from surface from the 1920’s to the present (the last program was completed by Globex in 2007).  In 1988, L. Boivin estimated that  42 known surface drill holes (not including the original NML discovery holes) explored the environs of the Normetal orebody (approximately 24,000-30,000 ft of drilling.  The bulk of the exploration work was carried out underground in the mine and included over 1.5 miles of exploration drifts on levels 2,900 and 4,165 (ft) (Boivin, 1988).

The following is a geological description taken from a report written by L. Boivin in 1988:

"The Normetal zinc-copper-silver ore body occurred as an elongated tabular body 500 to 1,200 feet long and from 8 to 80 feet wide, lying on both sides of the Abana diabase dyke which strikes N-S across the property.  The ore shows a left-handed displacement in the upper levels of the mine, and most of the ore production was mined from the west side of the dyke.  The sulphide zone was continuous to the deepest levels of the mine (8,000 feet, where it is tapered off).  The ore body demonstrated some lateral and vertical zoning.  Massive chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite formed the hanging wall on the north eastern margin of the ore body, followed in turn by a prominent band of layered sphalerite-pyrite ore, and by massive pyrite which formed the southwestern footwall.  Heavy concentrations of chalcopyrite with subordinate pyrrhotite were present at both ends of the body and at depth.  The layered sphalerite ore did not extend below the 7,365 foot level.  Lenses of sterile massive pyrite occurred on the footwall of the mine, comprising part of the overall zonation.  Locally these attained a thickness of fifty feet, and were stratigraphically overlain by a cherty horizon, not dissimilar to the tuffite horizon above the Mattagami Lake Mine ore body (Roberts, 1966).  A sill of quartz epidiorite acted as a marker horizon at the footwall of the Normetal deposit."

After reviewing the available data Globex believes past production was focused primarily on retrieving high grade copper reserves.  It appears that only Cu- rich or mixed Cu-Zn zones were mined.  Globex believes there is considerable Zn potential to be evaluated and developed at the mine.

Recent Work
From September 2007 to January 2008 Globex completed 22 drill holes on the Normetal property totalling 4,304 m.  This drilling intersected up to 8.21% Zn over 4.4 m including 11.01% Zn over 3 m and 21.45 % Zn over 1.02 m (all true width).  Precious metal values were also intersected;  the best being 2.19 gpt Au and 236 gpt Ag over 2.56 m including 3.47 gpt Au and 366 gpt Ag over 1.55 m (all true width). 

The drilling program did not immediately confirm the presence of a zinc rich resource.  Further work will be required to define other resources and may include possible stripping of the remaining mineralized crown pillar.

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